Recording Session Debut

This last weekend was a huge milestone in Rhett’s music career. He traveled back to Nashville, TN for his very first recording session. It’s difficult for me to put into words how proud of him we (his whole family) are. He has written some great songs, and they sound awesome. I know he can’t wait to share them with all of you. He spent the day Friday at Jay’s Place recording studio on Music Row. Rhett recorded the first four songs of his upcoming album: “Always Coming Home,” “Freedom Will Always Ring True,” “You’ll Be Sorry” and “Fun Being Bad.” The songs sound even better than before after the help of the producer, Jay Vernali, the mix/master engineer, Javier Rosada, and the studio musicians, Brian Fullen, Sam Hunter, and Danny Parks.

Jay Vernali (producer and studio owner) talking with Rhett while Sam, Javier, and John work in the background.

Jay asked Rhett to come to a gig that his band was playing in Franklin, TN on Saturday evening. Rhett, of course, said yes, so off to Franklin we went. We arrived at the Urban Juicer and listened to Jay, Sam and the rest of their jazz band play a few songs before Rhett got up to sing “Fun Being Bad.” Each of Rhett’s songs sound a little different – in a good way. This one, in particular, has a very southern, swampy, jazzy and bluesy sound – it is awesome! Singing in Franklin was a great opportunity for Rhett.

Jay’s Place was a great place to have a first recording session. It has a great vibe, great people, and produces great sounds. That side of the music industry is fascinating and we learned so much from some extremely talented people. Rhett plans to go back to the studio around January 2018 and record four more songs to finish his album. The album is tentatively set to be released sometime in the early months of 2018, and we are so excited for this big debut!

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